Humanitarian Drones Presentation at the New York City Drone Film Festival

Our Humanitarian Drones group was invited to speak at the New York City Drone Film Festival this year, of which, we were honored to be a part (03/04/18).  Nathan Eick, Parker Gyokeres, and Daniel Herbert presented along with Mark Blacklin, LIVE from Hawaii (via Google Hangouts)!  Mark Williams was also present, recording the session from the audience.

Sharing what we accomplished after Hurricane Harvey has always been our plan and part of our philosophy.  The successful integration of civilian controlled drones into disaster relief and other emergency management operations is something to be proud of and we’re happy to proclaim that publicly.  We hope to help lead the way for other future efforts to come.

The presentation was relatively simple and felt like more of an interactive discussion with the audience than a structured deck of slides.  We covered our origin, the makeup of our team, how we prepared for our missions, certain essential protocols for our operations, and many stories about how things happened and our experiences so far.  A small media set was also shared with those in attendance, though we’re still working on a larger collection that we can openly display.

All in all, we feel very fortunate to have been involved in the New York City Drone Film Festival.  Thank you to Randy Scott Slavin and to all those who attended and supported our efforts.  Keep an eye out for an online version of this presentation (coming soon) and for our next talk at B&H Photo in New York!

Photo credit: Michael Mallon

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