About Us

Current Managing Members of

Humanitarian Drones, LLC:


Mark Blacklin

Well versed in image processing and data analysis, Mark and his skill set were a very welcome addition to the Humanitarian Drones team.  A drone pilot himself, he truly understands the workflow needed to capture, process, and analyze the information gathered in a disaster arena.  With great experience using Geographic Information Systems he knows how to format data in a way that can be easily understood and interpreted by those who need it most.  Mark was instrumental in our original Texas missions, quickly producing useful deliverables to key agencies after Hurricane Harvey.


Nathan Eick

From Iowa, Nathan is a field expert, an engineer, and a manned aircraft pilot.  He brings logistics and design skills to the Humanitarian Drones team.  A custom builder with years of experience, currently focusing on fixed wing autonomous aircraft, he prides himself on his safety record as much as his innovation.  Nathan’s resourcefulness during the group’s initial deployment included the supply of a large RV for everyone to live in and work from.  While not engineering, building, or designing, you’ll find him cleverly working with farmers in his home State, trying to improve their yields using drones.


Daniel Herbert

With a dedication to the advancement of drone use in the emergency management sector, Daniel has worked to develop the structure of Humanitarian Drones, LLC since his first involvement in Texas after Hurricane Harvey.  Outspoken and engaged, he continually seeks positive attention for the technology and all of its amazing uses in society and for the betterment of people in general.  Having on-boarded numerous public safety and law enforcement agencies with drone technology, Daniel has extensive first-hand experience working with officials in disaster relief scenarios.


Geoffrey Green

VSI Aerial‘s Geoffrey Green offered his assistance with the Humanitarian Drones project shortly after our work in Texas was complete.  His background and overall expertise in many related fields are a perfect fit for our team and we’re excited to have him involved.  Having served in the Marine Corps, Geoffrey has what it takes to endure post disaster environments and any other hardships this kind of field work throws at us.


Parker Gyokeres

Owner of PropellerHeads Aerial Photography and a PropHead for life, Parker always seeks the thrill of creating and holds a passion for helping others.  With this philosophy, he set off for Texas and initiated the first missions for Humanitarian Drones.  Retired from serving 22 years in the Air Force and having worked as a photojournalist most of that time, he has easily translated his abilities into the civilian world through his business and his endeavors beyond earning money.  Parker’s belief in and advocacy for drone technology motivates him to teach others and to share his experiences every chance he gets.


Jay Lewis

As the owner of Arizona Commercial Drone Services (AZCDS), Jay anxiously jumped aboard the Humanitarian Drones team.  He and his experience and his RV and supplies were welcomed with open arms.  Demonstrating excellent data capture skills and drone flying abilities, he has become a permanent fixture and asset for the group.  With a law enforcement background, Jay is also extremely valuable in aiding communication with personnel already on site in a crisis scenario.


Brian Scott

A former US Army Aviator with over 820 hours of flight in general aviation and combat environments, Brian has been essential in our group’s communication with the FAA and other manned aircraft pilots.  Being a commercial and instrument rated rotor-craft pilot, he understands the nuances of pilots and their activities – thereby greatly aiding our level of operational safety.  During our initial work in Texas, Brian’s experience was critically important in gaining access to the airspace in a timely manner.


Mark Williams

Vice President and cofounder of a clinical research company in the Philadelphia area, Mark has 20+ years experience in regulated industry application development and data analysis in the health and medical research sector. He is a subject matter expert on complex data analysis with a heavy focus on data collection, statistical analysis and visualization. Mark’s addition to the team has increased our overall value and is helping to strategically steer and scale our future endeavors.